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A TDT Tribute to Peter Kelly

May 30, 2024

Celebrating 10 years of Peter’s Contributions to Toronto Dance Theatre

We are excited to shine the spotlight on the dynamic and captivating Peter Kelly! Join us in celebrating Peter’s remarkable tenure as a full-time company dancer at Toronto Dance Theatre.
Peter has brought energy and charisma to his performances. As we pay tribute to this member of our dance community, we are honoured to share Rosemary James’, TDT’s Rehearsal Director, special reflection as she offers insight into Peter’s impact and contributions within our company.

Peter Kelly has been a full time ensemble member for the past ten seasons with Toronto Dance Theatre. His enthusiastic nature for dancing was palpable from the beginning. Peter’s quick pickup, athleticism and musicality has been at the forefront of his dancing, always one to know the counts, rhythm or movement qualities associated with the choreography. He is a skilled supportive partner in works such as the trio from Fjeld (1990) and most recently in KIOKU NO MA (2024) with partner Megumi Kokuba. He was not afraid to take a risk in Performance Clash (2022) with collaborator Mikiki Burino, or willing to lie perfectly still on a burlap table surrounded by pomegranates in  Persefony Songs (2019). He has a quality of sensuality and flow in his dancing, and can also move dynamically through space with technical control.

Peter demonstrates professionalism and passion in supporting TDT productions. In 2018 at the Festival des Arts de Saint-Saveur, a dancer became injured during the performance and Peter, with little time to prepare, stepped into the role with determination and confidence. His work ethic, offerings of helpful advice or insights from his own experiences have contributed to many processes and performances. 

Peter is a wonderful teacher who is full of energy, optimism, and pedagogical skill. He has taught several classes in the past for TDT’s Studio Series, on tour and most recently for our Move Makers Program. 

In 2019, Christopher House invited Peter to choreograph for TDT’s signature fundraising event Tour de Danse (2014). He crafted a routine for company dancers and guest participants to Disco Inferno. It was upbeat, fun and received a well deserved thunderous applause.

Peter has excellent administrative skills which he employs at TDT in various capacities and in his own endeavors. He is an organized, playful, funny, and thoughtful colleague. We have had many in depth conversations over the years about dancing, art, and life. 

It has been a pleasure to have witnessed Peter’s artistic journey with the company. His performances have been filled with wonderful moments of intention, embodiment, and joy.

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