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Students participating in dance class

Photo Credit: Marlowe Porter.

NEW! TDT announces Move Makers Program for High Schools

Grade 9-12 students are invited to visit the Winchester Street Theatre and experience our brand new educational program with Artistic Director and select company dancers.

Toronto Dance Theatre invites Grade 9-12 students to visit the Winchester Street Theatre and experience our brand new educational program with Artistic Director Andrew Tay and select company dancers. Students will participate in a full day of dance including a warm-up class with live accompaniment, exploration of contemporary based choreographic processes, a performance opportunity in our beautiful theatre space, and a chance to see our company dancers in action.

Program Dates:
New program dates and times will be release in the next season, which launches in Fall 2024.

Program: $10 per student
TDT is happy to use a sliding scale for schools or students that are unable to pay full price

To Book:
Contact Outreach at info@tdt.org.

Toronto Dance Theatre Testimonials
From Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts

“This was my first time working with a dance company and the experience was definitely
memorable. The TDT company allowed a safe space for dancers to create and move.”
– Annalisa, Grade 11

“I liked that we got to express ourselves and have fun. I also really liked the environment
because it felt very judge free.”
– Kenya, Grade 11

“I really enjoyed the improv piece. It really helped me work on different moves and dance styles. I also didn’t feel judged and the people were nice and very welcoming.”
– Kyara, Grade 11

“At TDT, something that I really enjoyed and was different was dancing to music on the spot
without knowing what type of vibe we would have to match.”
– Gazelle, Grade 11

“I really enjoyed everyone doing their ‘scores’ with the lightning and just having fun with,
especially the exaggerated movement. I found it really safe and comforting in the space.”
– Anastasia, Grade 11

“I loved the lack of mirrors in each room, it allowed everyone to be less nervous about their
– Hallehanna, Grade 11

“The workshop inspired me to continue to want to dance at university. It was such a wonderful
– Charlotte, Grade 11

“I really enjoyed my time at TDT. I found that I was challenged to step outside of my comfort
zone and explore the way my body moves and create an interesting piece with no overthinking.”
– Maria, Grade 11

“I enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone and creating our own movement from things we do in our daily life. That was really cool.”
-Micah, Grade 11

“Spending the day with TDT was so fun. I love that they let us explore with different movements,
music/sounds and space.”
– Myles, Grade 12

“I loved the activities that we took part in. I was able to express movements in dance that I
thought weren’t possible and I was able to go outside my comfort zone. I felt comfortable doing so.”
– Monroe, Grade 11

“I liked the TDT experience because it was a taste of professional dance and we worked with professional dancers.”
– Beatrice, Grade 12

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