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Four dancers posing under a spotlight.

Tia Kushniruk, Pulga Muchochoma, Alana Elmer, and Peter Kelly in Reset in Suits by Jaz Simone (2018). Lighting design by Simon Rossiter. Costume design by Jennifer Dallas. Photo by Ömer Yükseker.


Join the team and look at what career opportunities TDT has to offer! Active job postings can be found here.

Image of people's legs as they dance.

Photo by Ömer Yükseker (2021).


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Group of dancers rehearsing

TDT Company in rehearsal with Alyssa Martin (2019). Photo by Ömer Yükseker.

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Multiple black and white photos of dancers performing from the past


Since 1968, TDT has been at the forefront of contemporary dance practices in Canada. Learn about the Company’s history, including a tribute presentation to Co-Founder Patricia Beatty and an audio series “Reconnecting with Black Dancers from the 80’s and Early 90’s at TDT”

Performers on stage dancing in a variety of poses

Devon Snell, Roberto Soria, Yuichiro Inoue, Alana Elmer, Megumi Kokuba, and Christianne Ullmark in GH 5.0 by Hanna Kiel (2019). Lighting design by Simon Rossiter. Costume design by Jennifer Dallas. Photo by Bruce Zinger, courtesy of Fall For Dance North Festival.

Mission & Mandate

Get to know TDT, including the vision and values that the company strives towards.

Woman laughing with smiling man.


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Performers laughing and smiling together during rehearsal

TDT Company during research for Bin Chicken with Alyssa Martin (2019). Photo by Ömer Yükseker⁠.

Our Team

Meet the creative individuals who are making magic happen on and off stage at TDT.

Woman dancing in a park in front of a tent.

Chantelle Mostacho during TDT’s Listening Party (2021). Photo by Ömer Yükseker⁠.

Past Events

Take a look at what we’ve previously been up to, including inspiring productions and creative activations in the community.

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Make your move and help drive the creative momentum at Toronto Dance Theatre



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