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A digital collage with dark tinted cut-outs of three dancers over top of purple and blue waves and clouds.

Design by Driftnote

Pilot Episodes

Pilot Episodes opens the door for a group of choreographers/creators to each have their first experience working with TDT’s company ensemble.

Digital image of audio speakers with a woman behind.

Design by Driftnote

Meeting Points: cities and scenes

An interurban exchange between Toronto and Montreal that creates a space for artists from the street / club dance community to collaborate with artists from other dance communities.

Digital image of hands shaking. Design by Driftnote

Private: TD Bridgemakers Project

A digital series that sparks collaboration between Toronto-based dance artists and artists based elsewhere in Canada or International.

Design by Driftnote

Ease + Agita (soft place to land)

TDT welcomes Leelee Oluwatoyosi Eko Davis and their project Ease + Agita (soft place to land). Leelee will have a continued presence at TDT throughout the 2021/22 season, working on a new creation and proposing thoughtful activations.

Person wearing leopard print pants.

Design by Driftnote

Choreographic Residencies

Three independent artists are having two-week residencies this season that are devoted to choreographic research and experimentation with the TDT ensemble.

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