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A 3-D digital design of a brown rock with vibrant pink and blue paint-like splatters across it. A smaller green rock sits on top of it. Design by Driftnote

Pilot Episodes
An Experimental Lab

November - December 2023

Six creators will have their first opportunity to collaborate with TDT’s company dancers in the fourth edition of TDT’s Pilot Episodes. An immersive one-week residency series, each creator will get to experiment and take artistic risks in the studio without the pressure of producing a finished work.

This unique residency format provides artists with an enriching environment conducive to pushing the boundaries of their choreographic techniques, fostering a deep exploration of their creative process and allowing for a concentrated focus on refining their artistic approach.

Thank you to Lindy Green Family Foundation, the lead sponsor for Pilot Episodes, for generously supporting this artist development program.

Empowering Artistic Innovators: 2023/24 Season Welcomes Choreographers to Collaborate with TDT Ensemble

Initiated by Tedd Robinson and Andrew Tay in 2020 to support independent artists when so few performance opportunities existed due to the pandemic, Pilot Episodes welcomes choreographers or creators to have their first experience collaborating with members of the TDT ensemble. Now entering its fourth iteration, 6 artists will be selected to participate during the 2023/24 season.

Project Summary

Each choreographer selected for the project will be given one week to explore their ideas on 4-5 of TDT’s company dancers. In addition, there will be several planned sessions with Artistic Director Andrew Tay. These “meet ups” will take the form of shared meals or casual hangouts, and they will serve to encourage discussion and artistic reflection outside of the more formal studio working periods. Each selected participant will receive $1280 as an artistic fee for the week.

Each week will culminate with an open rehearsal, as part of our effort to generate engaging discussions around working methods and choreographic processes.

Project Dates

Week 1: November 27 – December 1, 2023
Week 2: December 4 – 8, 2023
Week 3: December 11 – 15, 2023

You’re Invited to Open Rehearsals!

Curious about Pilot Episodes and the creative ideas and questions that spark during these residencies? Folks are invited to join us in the studios to get a glimpse of the artists working and to hear the choreographers speak about what they have been focusing on during their time at TDT.

As this is an informal open rehearsal, finished work will not be presented. These gatherings are great for those who are intrigued by the creative process seen in residencies and the artistic questions that arise, while learning more about the choreographer and their own practices. There will be an opportunity to share reflections with the choreographers or ask questions from what’s observed in the rehearsals.

Open Rehearsal Dates: 

Friday December 1, 2023 – 4:00-5:30 PM ET

Friday December 8, 2023 – 4:00-5:30 PM ET

Friday December 15, 2023 – 4:00-5:30 PM ET

In person at the Winchester Street Theatre, 80 Winchester Street. Attendees will visit two studio spaces. Accessibility Info: Unfortunately the Winchester Street Theatre is not currently wheelchair accessible. For full details about the building’s physical access, visit https://tdt.org/your-visit/accessibility/

2023/24 Participants

Headshot of Pilot Episode Choreographer Blessyl Buan

Credit: Blessyl Buan

Blessyl Buan

Portrait phot of Pilot Episode Choreographer danielle Mackenzie Long standing outside with blue sky background

Credit: Jamie Hewat

danielle Mackenzie Long

Headshot of Pilot Episode Choreographer Kwasi Obeng, dark skin male in white shirt and jeans surrounded in green field with trees and blue sky

Credit: Amanda Lee

Kwasi Obeng

Headshot of Pilot Episode Choreographer Lukas Malkowski in blue shirt with sun rays illuminating his face

Credit: Alvin Collantes

Lukas Malkowski

Headshot of Pilot Episode Choreographer Sze-Yang Ade-Lam, east asian male in man bun and mesh tank posing on the wall

Credit: Dahlia Katz

Sze-Yang Ade-Lam

Headshot of Pilot Episode Choreographer Tavia Christine, while female with half white/black hair, in deep v red blouse, starring off to the side.

Credit: Audrianna Martin del Campo

Tavia Christina

Past Participants

Rodney Diverlus

Photo by Maxim Kopanygin

Rodney Diverlus

(Winter 2021)

Photo of man wearing black shirt and looking to the side

Bradley Eng

(Fall 2021)

Ralph Escamillan posing

Photo by David Cooper and lighting by Daria Mikhaylyuk

Ralph Escamillan

(Fall 2021)

Celia Green

Photo by Holly Chang

Celia Green

(Fall 2021)

Syreeta Hector

Photo by David Leyes

Syreeta Hector

(Spring 2022)

black-and-white portrait of Winnie Ho

Photo by Tazzo Paris

Winnie Ho

(Spring 2023)

Portrait of Kelly-Ann Johnson

Photo by Toronto Edits

Kelly-Ann Johnson

(Spring 2023)

Portrait of Kin Nguien and AJ Velasco, the artists of KINAJ collective

Photo by Axel Villamil


(Spring 2023)

Woman's face blurred with colors

Photo by Fran Chudnoff

Jennifer Laiwint

(Fall 2021)

Portrait of Victoria Mackenzie

Photo by Do Phan Hoi

Victoria Mackenzie

(Spring 2023)

Portrait of Chenise Mitchell

Photo by Rolando Argueta

Chenise Mitchell

(Spring 2023)

Headshot photo of woman wearing colorful dress

Photo by Sean Harrison

Miss Coco Murray

(Fall 2021)

Photo of man wearing white face paint and looking into a mirror

Photo by Peter Van Heesen

Zac / Sylv Myst

(Fall 2021)

Atri Nundy

Photo by Michael Mortley

Atri Nundy

(Fall 2021)

Camille Rojas

Photo by Andrew Savery-Whiteway

Camille Rojas

(Spring 2022)

Angela Schubot

Photo by Hadi Gulshan

Angela Schubot

(Winter 2021)

Portrait of Eilish Shin-Culhane

Photo by Aidan Tooth

Eilish Shin-Culhane

(Spring 2023)

b solomon colored in red and cyan filters

Photo by Yvonne Chew

b solomon

(Fall 2021)

Photo of sitting person looking at the camera in yellow sweater

Photo by Kristen-Innes Stambolic

Tyra Temple-Smith

(Fall 2021)

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