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Ease + Agita (soft place to land)

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TDT welcomes Leelee Oluwatoyosi Eko Davis and their project Ease + Agita (soft place to land). Through research and creative process Ease + Agita examines themes of rigour, care, while addressing the past, present, and future context of dance theatre.

Leelee will have a continued presence at TDT throughout the 2021-2022 season working on a new creation and proposing thoughtful activations. Eko Davis’ aim is to imagine new futures that cultivate collaborative creative practice. Through reciprocal exchange for artists and makers alike we find ways to contribute to one another. Stay tuned for calls to participate in upcoming phases of the project. 

As the inaugural Christopher House Legacy Fund project, Ease + Agita engages community, practicing artists, and intergenerational individuals who share intersecting identities. As a curated reimagining, Eko Davis’ and collaborators will weave a remembering, alongside reflection and possibility, as the thread for this experience.

Audio Version: About Ease + Agita (soft place to land)

Leelee lying in bed under white blankets with their hair laid out above them

Leelee Oluwatoyosi Eko Davis during Banff Center Performing Arts Residency (2019). Photo by Jessica Whittman.

Leelee Oluwatoyosi Eko Davis’ practice is rooted in the foundations of contemporary dance and intermedia creation methodologies. As a disabled, transgenderqueer artist of Nigerian/French/Algonquin descent, working in decolonial frameworks is central to their research and creations. Being from Treaty 1 Territory, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Leelee has had the opportunity to train and work professionally across Turtle Island. Their artistic goals are to merge performance and life, stage and experience, building a bridge to revealing the human condition. They can most commonly be found, producing their own work as a solo artist, however often collaborate across milieus. Leelee has had the profound pleasure of collaborating with artists and interpreting for choreographers such as Jolene Bailie, Dayna Danger, Raven Davis, Jesse Dell, Yannick Desranleau, Vanessa Dunn, Audrey Dwyer, Reginald Edmund, Johnny Forever, Gambletron, Chloe Lum, Ryan MacNamara, Kate Nankervis, Alexandra Tigchelaar on works for theatre, film, and stage. Eko Davis also works as a program designer, facilitator, and consultant in the field of Social Innovation and Adaptive Change and is a Co-Artistic Director at the Toronto Dance Community Love-In.
Instagram: @leeleeoluwatoyosi

A digital graphic that is a close-up of a pixelated red-orange flower that is upside down in front of a navy blue background. On top of the graphic is the text “The Praxis of Possibility”.

Design by Johnny Nawracaj

The Praxis of Possibility: Community Practice and Engagement

January 2022

As part of Leelee’s research throughout the season, The Praxis of Possibility is a two-week micro-residency in January with 12 invited community members who consider themselves to have an artistic practice in theatre, performance art, or dance. This is a cross-disciplinary opportunity for intergenerational community members to engage in a creative practice with Leelee, their research, and creative methodologies. The aim of this engagement is to nourish the participants and provide them with a professional stream experience that they would have otherwise not had access to. It involves group discussion, personal reflection, physical practice, improvisation, creative process, and community building.

P.O.P. Residency Curator & Facilitator: Leelee Oluwatoyosi Eko Davis
Artistic and Technical Support: Johnny Nawracaj
Artistic Direction: Andrew Tay
TDT Staff Support: Jasmine Au, Emma Joy, Jessica Whitford
Program Interpreters: Latasha, Kimberly, Ayoka, Jo-Ann

Special thank you to Arts Nova Scotia for supporting The Praxis of Possibility.

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The Praxis of Possibility - Participating Artists

A black and white headshot in side profile of a brown femme with light eyes, dark wavy hair, nosering, holding hand to cheek and gazing into the distance.

Photo by Manuela Batshmann Bernasconi

Anna Malla

Portrait of Brawk with a multi-coloured fruit net over their face

Brawk Hessel

Courage in her first theater

Courage Bacchus

Black-and-white self-portrait of Emily

Self-portrait from Emily Middelstaedt

Emily Mittelstaedt

Jord Camp performing in an outdoor public park. She is standing on a park bench with one foot up on the edge, arms to the sky. It is a bright, sunny summer day and there is green grass and trees surrounding the performer. Jord is wearing a purple bob wig, blue sunglasses, blue lipstick, and a red cropped jean jacket over a colour-blocked dress with stripes of light pink, baby blue and black. She is wearing fishnet tights.

Photo by Elizabeth Staples

Jordan Campbell

Portrait of Juan smiling at the camera in front of a blue background

Juan Jaramillo

A side profile of Miggy, a brown-skinned man wearing a long-sleeved maroon shirt speckled with grey. He is in front of a bush, looking down with eyes closed, as his fingers gently crawl over his face.

Photo by Alvin Collantes

Miggy Esteban

Nyda during a performance, resting their head on top of a piano that's facing towards the back. Nyda is looking off to the left side.

Photo by Henry Chan

Nyda Kawasowsky

Close-up portrait of Riley

Riley Kelk

Robin Akimbo is photographed in an Afro-Caribbean wrap, dress and jewelry in a black-and-white close-up.

Robin Akimbo

Rochelle Miller - Wearing a grey shirt and blush pink tights, on a background of floral art

Photo by Trina Turl

Rochelle Miller

Shadé is sitting on a couch wearing a white ball gown and satin gloves, holding their forearms up on both sides of their face, while a purple spotlight glows on their face.

Photo by Pavlop

Shadrack (Shadé) Jackman

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