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Affiliate Artist Program

A long-term artist-in-residency

Welcoming Aisha Sasha John as TDT’s inaugural Affiliate Artist!

For the first time at Toronto Dance Theatre, we are excited to launch this pilot project designed to create a long term relationship with an independent creator, making a significant contribution to their artistic development over time. The Affiliate Artist program provides a stable, guaranteed salary for an independent creator or choreographer for up to 2 seasons with the company, over which time they have the possibility to create a project with TDT while simultaneously pursuing their independent research and work. 

On top of dedicated hours of studio time and development support, this program offers an independent creator access to the stability, health benefits, and working conditions that are usually only available at large dance companies. Additionally, with the support of Artistic Director Andrew Tay, the affiliate artist will be encouraged to explore how they can create a sustainable art practice for themselves, including a reflection on what types of working models and/or organizational structure would best suit their future aspirations. 

We are proud to announce the launch of this groundbreaking Affiliate Artist Program, a pioneering initiative that sets to reshape the landscape of the independent dance and choreography scene. This program is a testament to TDT’s commitment to nurturing the evolution of local talent and fostering a creative environment where artists can truly flourish. 

The inaugural participant in this innovative program is AISHA SASHA JOHN, an artist recognized for her work in both dance and poetry. As a 2019-2022 Dancemakers Resident Artist, she brings a unique perspective to the program, focusing on creating art that complicates and expands notions of the real. 

Photo Credit: Kinga Michalska.

I’m interested in the power of reception as creative methodology.

I understand both the work I do in dance and my poetry as listening practices I employ in the service of discovering, practicing, and exercising a variety of freedoms. I understand my work as spiritual in this regard: I want to discover—empirically—the possibilities available to me of life itself.

I look to the authority and the wisdom of the body – of immediate sense experience, emotional expression and intuition – as an alternative to harmful ideologies.

TDT is set to transform the careers of independent creators in the dance world. Our goal is to empower artists, provide resources and support that focuses on their personal practice. Artists will explore innovative working models and organizational structures that shapes future aspirations. The Affiliate Artist Program not only supports artists like Aisha Sasha John, artists are encouraged to reach new horizons and push the boundaries of creative expressions.

TDT invites the public to join them in celebrating art that challenges, inspires, and transcends conventional boundaries. This groundbreaking Affiliate Artist Program is a tribute to the enduring power of dance to provoke thought, spark creativity, and elevate the human experience.

For more information about the Affiliate Artist Program and Toronto Dance Theatre, please visit tdt.org or contact info@tdt.org.  

About The Artist

Headshot of Affiliate artist Aisha Sasha John smiling with head scarf

Aisha Sasha John

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