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Past Events

Two dancers are moving on the floor of a studio, and their reflections shimmer across the floor. The dancer on the left is further back and lifts herself into a backwards bridge, holding herself up with one arm and the other arm partially covering her face. The other dancer is closer to the camera, sitting on his shins while putting his hands on the ground in front of him and looking down. There is a pastel blue wash over the photo.

Classes with Johanna Bergfelt

January 10, 12, 13 & 14
Online via Zoom

These classes start with 30 minutes of mat Pilates, followed by a 60-minutes centred contemporary dance class rooted in Ballet.

Separate photos of Danah Rosales and Justin de Luna Photo Credit: Left photo by Kristine Flores, Mix Mix Dance Collective. Right photo by Claudia Chan Tak.

TD Bridgemakers Project: Premiere Event ft. Danah Rosales and Justin De Luna

Thursday January 27 at 7:30 p.m. EST
Free Admission | Registration is Required

Headshot photo of woman wearing colorful dress Photo Credit: Sean Harrison

Class with Miss Coco Murray

December 13, 2021 - December 17, 2021

To wrap up 2021 at TDT, Miss Coco is bringing a nuanced understanding of African-derived movements to our community dance classes.

Woman's face blurred with colors Photo Credit: Francesca Chudnoff

Class with Jennifer Laiwint

December 7 & 10

This workshop forges connections between bodily rhythms and feeling states and explores the ways that these can be creatively translated through movement, sound, drawing and creative visualizations...

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