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Past Events

Two dancers are moving in the studio. One is kneeling, arms raised overhead. The other dancer side-steps, arms swinging. Photo Credit: Move/s workshop with Ralph Escamillan (2021).

Moving Weirdly with lo bil

April 28 - 29
In Person

“Moving Weirdly” is a potential way to uncover hidden aspects of our relationship to the immediate environment and the people present.

A graphic with two dancers. One moves on the floor, both hands pressed to the ground, their head is tilted to the side. The dancer behind them is folder forward, long hair obscuring their face. Photo Credit: Sonja Boretski during Meryem Alaoui's workshop for Emerging Voices Project (2019).⁠

“What does rest have to offer?” with bee pallomina

April 25 & 27
In Person

What does rest have to offer? Taking our cues from nature and the land, what does rest have to offer? We will move, draw, write but our foundational practice will be rest.

Andrew Tay is in the centre, wearing light blue briefs and dancing on stage with bright, multi-coloured tarps covering most of the floor. Andrew is standing with his body slightly turned to the left, but he is looking back over his shoulder while stretching the arm out behind him and bending his hand back. At the back of the photo on the left, there is another dancer in a bright red bodysuit, holding themselves up from the ground with one arm and leg, while reaching out their other arm up above them and bending their other leg in the air. Photo Credit: Andrew Tay. Photo by Kinga Michalska

Body Surfing with Andrew Tay

Friday April 22 at 10:15 - 11:15 a.m.
In person | Studio B, Winchester Street Theatre
Pay-What-You-Can (suggested $12)

Led by Artistic Director Andrew Tay, this class will offer playful physical and sensorial experiences designed to encourage strategies for the body and choreography to emerge.

A photo of Lukas Malkowski dancing. He's leaning against a tree, hands overhead, balanced on one leg while the other kicks high and outward. Photo Credit: Lukas Malkowski at TDT's Listening Party. Photo by Ömer Yükseker

flowmentum with Lukas Malkowski

April 4 - 8, 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. EDT
In Person | $75 for the full week or suggested $15 per class

Harnessing gravity to turn falling into flying, this class aims to build dynamic, reactive movement in and out of the floor. flowmentum is influenced by contemporary dance, yoga, acrobatics and break (breakdance) techniques.

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