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A digital collage with dark tinted cut-outs of four dancers. They are over top of wavy, purple and blue lines with a cloudy texture throughout. Design by Driftnote

Plug-N-Play Residencies

Throughout the Season

Through our Plug-N-Play residencies, Toronto Dance Theatre (TDT) is offering six local dance artists an opportunity to research and create in our rehearsal studios free of charge during the 2022/23 season. These will be 6 individual week-long, half-day residencies that are made available artists who were selected from an open call in September 2022.

We view these residencies as an integral part of TDT’s commitment to supporting the professional development of Toronto’s dance artists. The residencies are intended to provide the artists time and space to support the development of an artistic idea, to dig deeper into a project they have on the roster, or to have access to a large space that allows them to experiment with collaborators.

Resident Artists

Kwasi Obeng is sitting cross-legged in an open field of golden ornamental grass, smiling at the camera. He wears a white long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans.

Photo by Amanda Lee

Kwasi Obeng

Blessyl Buan is smiling at the camera, wearing a white t-shirt and her long brown hair and large circular earrings framing her face.

Blessyl Buan

Mary-Dora Bloch-Hansen is sitting on their knees on a white floor of a studio space with a wooden wall behind them. Placed over their head is a light pink, mesh sheet that drapes down and covers their upper body. Their legs are bare, showing various tattoos. To their right side, they are holding up a bunch of long skinny branches that are still attached together by the roots.

Photo by Abandoned Affair

Mary-Dora Bloch-Hansen

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