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What’s On

A 3-D digital design of various rocky structures with grass and sand around them. Behind the rocks is a green background with a patch of orange on the right.

Design by Driftnote

2023/24 Season

Live productions, community events, artist conversations, and more. Explore TDT’s 2023/24 Season and discover what you want to experience next.

Group of performers rehearsing with face masks on.

Participants during Ralph Escamillan’s Move/s workshop (2021).

Workshops & Classes for Artists

TDT offers professional classes and workshops where artists in the community can train alongside the TDT Company and together discover a breadth of dance practices and styles.

Students participating in dance class

Photo Credit: Marlowe Porter.

Move Makers Educational Program

Grade 9-12 students are invited to visit the Winchester Street Theatre and experience our brand new educational program with Artistic Director and select company dancers.

A 3-D digitally designed collage covered with rocks that features several multi-coloured coral-like objects dispersed across them.

Design by Driftnote

Eyes on Beginnings

Occurring once in the fall and spring, Toronto artists have the chance to share 10 minutes of new material followed by a facilitated audience feedback session.

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Make your move and help drive the creative momentum at Toronto Dance Theatre



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