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Our Team

Andrew Tay Photo by McKenzie James

Andrew Tay

Artistic Director

Jessica Whitford Photo by McKenzie James

Jessica Whitford

Managing Director (on leave)

A portrait of Diana smiling at the camera, in front of an exposed grey-brick wall.

Diana Weir

Interim Managing Director

Rosemary James Photo by McKenzie James

Rosemary James

Rehearsal Director

Portrait of Jocelyn 'Jaws' Cardenas outside, looking directly at the camera. Photo by Yann Gracia

Jocelyne 'Jaws' Cardenas

Guest Dancer

Sitting on a bright white floor and backdrop, Matthew 'Snoopy' Cuff is in a full black bodysuit, leaning back on one hip while bringing one knee up to his stomach to point his foot to the floor. One arm is weaved through his lifted leg to hold his pointed foot while he bends his other arms behind his head. Photo by Kadeem Ellis

Matthew 'Snoopy' Cuff

Guest Dancer

Yuichiro Inoue Photo by McKenzie James

Yuichiro Inoue

Company Dancer

Portrait of Kelly-Ann sitting on a stool in front of a cloudy-textured teal background, looking directly at the camera. Photo by Toronto Edits

Kelly-Ann Johnson

Guest Dancer

Portrait of Rachana Joshi outdoors on a sunny day. She is angled towards the right, but is smiling directly at the camera. Photo by Nancy Thavaruban

Rachana Joshi

Guest Dancer

Peter Kelly Photo by McKenzie James

Peter Kelly

Company Dancer

Megumi Kokuba Photo by McKenzie James

Megumi Kokuba

Company Dancer

Ryan Kostyniuk Photo by McKenzie James

Ryan Kostyniuk

Guest Dancer

Erin Poole Photo by McKenzie James

Erin Poole

Company Dancer

Devon Snell Photo by McKenzie James

Devon Snell

Company Dancer

Roberto Soria Photo by McKenzie James

Roberto Soria

Company Dancer

Margarita Soria Photo by McKenzie James

Siwar Soria

Guest Dancer

Headshot of Purawai Vyas wearing a heather grey top, in front of an off-white background. She is smiling directly at the camera. Photo by Zvonko

Purawai Vyas

Guest Dancer

Tanya Bregstein Photo by McKenzie James

Tanya Bregstein

Production Manager (on leave)

Portrait of Bryan in a blue denim buttoned-up shirt, in front of a grey background. They are looking directly at the camera. Photo by LV Imagery

Bryan Kling

Production Manager

Emma Joy Photo by McKenzie James

Emma Joy

Communications Manager

Jasmine Au Photo by McKenzie James

Jasmine Au

Associate Producer

Vickie Fagan Photo by McKenzie James

Vickie Fagan

Development Manager


Toronto Dance Theatre is a charitable organization with an active volunteer Board of Directors who are responsible for its governance. Members are drawn from a diverse group of community professionals who consult with and guide the organization’s activities, and are committed to operating a financially responsible dance theatre company.


President/Treasurer – Drew Baillie
Vice-President – Sharon Walker
Past President – Leslie-Ann Holbrow
Secretary – Alexis MacDonald
Directors – T.J. Tasker, Nicole D’Cruz

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