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Performers on stage dancing in a variety of poses

Devon Snell, Roberto Soria, Yuichiro Inoue, Alana Elmer, Megumi Kokuba, and Christianne Ullmark in GH 5.0 by Hanna Kiel (2019). Lighting design by Simon Rossiter. Costume design by Jennifer Dallas. Photo by Bruce Zinger, courtesy of Fall For Dance North Festival.

Mission & Mandate

TDT is the legendary artistic home and collaboration hub where, since 1968, curious creators, ensemble performers and audiences inspire each other to create and celebrate new explorations of dance – playful to provocative, from near and far – that reflect our times, our diverse cultures and communities. Ever fresh and adventurous, TDT is one of Canada’s leading innovators in contemporary dance while being one of the very few dance companies in the country with an ensemble of dancers.


To be the leading catalyst of contemporary dance in Canada, bridging connections between artists and audiences in Toronto and beyond through the creation of inspiring, provocative dance works, unique residency opportunities that encourage artistic risk-taking, and empowering public activations in communities to explore the possibilities of dance together.


To make a significant contribution to Canada’s dancescape.


In everything we do, we want the TDT experience to be:

  • Authentically Welcoming
  • Nurturing Curiosity    
  • Infectiously Creative   
  • Adventurously Collaborative   
  • Playfully Irreverent

Anti-Racism Plan

Honouring the spirit of sharing resources peacefully and respectfully in this area of the world, as many Indigenous nations did for centuries, involves institutions like Toronto Dance Theatre undertaking ongoing systemic renewal by continuing to learn about and apply decolonization and anti-racism practices throughout the organization. Below is our Phase I Action Plan towards creating systemic change at Toronto Dance Theatre that includes extensive decolonization and anti-racism education and internal review, as well as a new step towards a redistribution of resources that were gained in a systemically racist arts sector.

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