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A graphic with two dancers. One moves on the floor, both hands pressed to the ground, their head is tilted to the side. The dancer behind them is folder forward, long hair obscuring their face. Sonja Boretski during Meryem Alaoui's workshop for Emerging Voices Project (2019).

Functional Pilates for Dancers with Susan Sinclair

Throughout the season, 10:15-11:45 AM ET
Winchester Street Theatre
Pay-What-You-Can (Suggested $15)

Utilizing principles of human movement from the Alexander Technique combined with concepts from the Pilates Method, we will work through an anatomically sound movement sequence directed towards the specific requirements of the dancer.

We will look at spinal sequencing, pelvis and spine stability, freedom and stability of the shoulder girdle, and freedom, stability and balance at the hip joint.

Susan is happy to address any specific questions or issues.

Having a mat, theraband and large towel handy for this class is suggested.

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