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Two dancers are moving in the studio. One is kneeling, arms raised overhead. The other dancer side-steps, arms swinging. Move/s workshop with Ralph Escamillan (2021).

Moving Weirdly with lo bil

April 28 - 29
In Person

Moving Weirdly

This class is a potential way to uncover hidden aspects of our relationship to the immediate environment and the people present. Keeping to our own sense of integrity, we notice the conditions of arrival. Letting distraction, emptiness, excess and overwhelm surface, sensations take us to sites where language fragments. May our unexpected layers dance in community.

I see this practice as a way to integrate the intelligence of the trauma-informed body as a decompositional source. Moving Weirdly is minimal in device but maximal in possibility as we attend to the choreographies that we may have felt a need to hide. Be prepared to get a little lost, to take pleasure in letting the map slide off its course.

This class is open to people coming from various levels and forms of dance and performance backgrounds.

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