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A graphic with two dancers. One moves on the floor, both hands pressed to the ground, their head is tilted to the side. The dancer behind them is folder forward, long hair obscuring their face. Sonja Boretski during Meryem Alaoui's workshop for Emerging Voices Project (2019).⁠

“What does rest have to offer?” with bee pallomina

April 25 & 27
In Person

What does rest have to offer?

A guided offering in somatics and nature based expressive arts.

Taking our cues from nature and the land, what does rest have to offer? We will move, draw, write but our foundational practice will be rest.

Please dress in comfy clothes bring layers if you tend to get cold. Pillows and blankets are welcome too. Bring a pencil and some paper (or a journal) any art supplies you like to use.

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