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Two dancers are moving on the floor of a studio, and their reflections shimmer across the floor. The dancer on the left is further back and lifts herself into a backwards bridge, holding herself up with one arm and the other arm partially covering her face. The other dancer is closer to the camera, sitting on his shins while putting his hands on the ground in front of him and looking down. There is a pastel blue wash over the photo.

Improvising the Sensorium with Amanda Acorn

Winchester Street Theatre
Pay-What-You-Can (Suggested $15)

The sensorium refers to the human sensory apparatus and related mental faculties considered as a whole. Using somatic movement, experiential anatomy, and playful improvisation we will explore sensory stimuli and their relationship to embodiment, to drive our movement explorations. We will work through the body to articulate the sensory system, attuning to the concrete, through our anatomy as well as the unfamiliar, imagined, and imperceptible. We will play with the relationship between body and environment, inside and outside, self and other.

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