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TDT Reveals 2021/22 Season And A New Visual Identity

September 7, 2021

Toronto Dance Theatre (TDT) is thrilled to announce the artistic programming for the 2021/22 Season while revealing the company’s fresh new visual identity.

This marks the first season fully programmed by TDT’s new Artistic Director Andrew Tay, featuring more opportunities for independent artists than ever before, more choreographers coming in to work with the TDT ensemble, and more collaborations across different disciplines while also in dialogue with the diverse spectrum of current dance practices in Toronto.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about the Toronto dance scene, especially its independent artists who have been particularly affected by the pandemic and have experienced increased isolation compared to colleagues in other cities. In response, I’ve dedicated a large part of our programming to independent artists, including initiatives designed to stimulate connections between local dance practitioners and artists across Canada and Internationally. New for TDT this season is the addition of unique concept events, which will bring together audiences and artists through performance experiences outside of typical stage productions. It’s an exciting counterpart to the incredible ensemble work that will be happening and I’m truly looking forward to having face-to-face interactions with the TDT public for the first time!” — Andrew Tay

After spending this long stretch of time distanced from each other, TDT is prioritizing collaboration and connection at the forefront of its 2021/22 Season. The first half of the season strongly focuses on artistic process and research through residency and creation programs, each with their own distinct thematics and objectives. As the season enters 2022, TDT welcomes audiences back to the theatre for live stage productions, outdoor events and digital presentations.

Season highlights include the premiere of a new full-length creation by Rodney Diverlus with the TDT company ensemble as well as Performance Clash, a unique event where 10 artists outside of dance will be paired with ensemble members to create short works. Beyond its programming with the company ensemble, TDT is also producing exhilarating public activations outside its home at the Winchester Street Theatre, such as the first live Toronto edition of Andrew Tay and Sasha Kleinplatz’s popular event Short&Sweet, and a culinary and dance fusion event The Disko Piknik to culminate the season.

TDT reveals its new logo and visual identity at the same time as its season launches, designed to redefine TDT in the present moment while making space for what is to come. A more symbolic look, the ‘T’s in the logo are transformed to represent a performance space, with dance taking centre stage. Developed with Trajectory Brands Inc. after a series of conversations with TDT community members, this new visual identity is meant to spark curiosity and is designed to evolve in relationship to the company’s work each season.


For more information or media requests, please contact:
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Toronto Dance Theatre
Office: 416.967.1365, x23

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2021/22 SEASON:

RBC Pilot Episodes
Fall 2021 and Spring 2022
Co-Facilitated by Andrew Tay and choreographer Tedd Robinson, RBC Pilot Episodes opens the door for at least ten choreographers and creators to each have their first experience working with the TDT ensemble this season.

Bridgemakers Project
December 2021 – April 2022
Seeking to stimulate artistic collaboration between Toronto-based dance artists and artists across Canada and abroad, the Bridgemakers Project commissions five pairs of artists to work remotely on the creation of five new digital works to be presented online throughout the 2021/22 Season. Within each pair, there will be a Toronto-based dance artist and another artist of any discipline based outside of the GTA. Applications to participate in the program are due Tuesday September 23.

Expressive Residency with Leelee Oluwatoyosi Eko Davis
All Season
Andrew Tay has been collaborating with artist Leelee Oluwatoyosi Eko Davis to imagine an Expressive Residency around ideas of care and rigour. Supported by the Christopher House Legacy Fund, Leelee will have a continued presence at TDT this season, working on the development of a new creation as well as proposing thoughtful activations within the community.

Choreographic Residencies
February & March 2022
Three independent artists will have a two-week residency devoted to choreographic research and experimentation with the TDT ensemble. Each residency will be followed by a Public Sharing where audiences can have a peek inside the studio to engage in the choreographic ideas each artist has been exploring. Confirmed artists include TDT company alumnus Naishi Wang as well as Rajni Perera, a recent winner of the Sobey Art Award who will experiment in blending their visual art practice with dance.

CCOV / TDT x Nubian Néné / Raoul Wilke: Curatorial Project
December 2021 – April 2022
Co-curated by TDT, the CCOV choreographic centre in Montreal as well as street and social club dance artists Nubian Néné and Raoul Wilke, this project opens up an important dialogue between two distinct scenes. One street and one stage dance artist from both Montreal and Toronto (four artists in total) will work together for one week in both cities to create something together, share practices, and to engage in the local communities.

Performance Clash
April 2022
The possibilities of what could arise on stage from this project is endless. Creating links between the Company and different artistic communities, ten artists outside of dance (sculptural, theatre, comedy, etc.) will be paired with TDT’s ensemble members to create short works together. Each pair will have three weeks to create, culminating in a live performance event at the Winchester Street Theatre to showcase all of the works.

New Creation by Rodney Diverlus
Premieres May 19, 2022
Following his residency through the RBC Pilot Episodes series, multi-hyphenate artist and artivist Rodney Diverlus returns to build upon the project he started last season and premiere a full-scale production with the TDT Company. This will be a celebratory occasion as it will mark the first live production for the Company since February 2020.

Short&Sweet: Toronto Edition
June 2022
TDT will produce a live edition of Andrew Tay and Sasha Kleinplatz’s iconic performance party for the first time in Toronto. Taking place in a bar venue, Short&Sweet involves inviting twenty-five artists who are given the freedom to create whatever they want, as long as it is under three minutes in length. If they go over the allotted time frame, they will be cut off immediately. The goal is to encourage artists to question exactly what can be accomplished within the time constraint, to try something new, and to take risks!

The Disko Piknik
July 2022
This is not your average picnic lunch! Taking place over two consecutive weekends in the summer, The Disko Piknik involves chef Dennis Tay (Top Chef Canada) curating a four-course meal, with each dish inspired by the choreography that audiences will enjoy from their picnic blanket. Featuring performances from Peggy Baker and Andrew Tay, Tanveer Alam and more, this culinary-dance fusion event is going to be a feast for all senses.

Professional Workshops & Classes
All Season
As part of the company’s commitment to supporting the professional development of artists in the community, TDT will be hosting special intensives in addition to their staple open classes where advanced or professional dance artists can train alongside TDT’s ensemble. There will be a mix of in-person and online class opportunities throughout the season.

Founded in 1968 by Patricia Beatty, David Earle and Peter Randazzo, Toronto Dance Theatre (TDT) is one of Canada’s largest and most active contemporary dance organizations. As an artistic, collaborative hub, TDT inspires passionate and curious creators, ensemble members and audiences to celebrate new explorations of dance that reflect our times, our diverse cultures and communities, bringing ideas and possibilities of today’s dancescape to life.

TDT is one of the rare dance companies in Canada that has an ensemble of dancers. A celebrated and core component to the company’s structure, TDT dancers are remarkable individuals who play an essential role in the creative process. With a broad range of skills and experience, they are capable of physical and expressive virtuosity as well as powerful ensemble work.

The company ensemble for the 2021/22 Season include Jordan Alleyne, Sonja Boretski, Valerie Calam, Alana Elmer, Yuichiro Inoue, Peter Kelly, Megumi Kokuba, Ryan Kostyniuk, Erin Poole, Devon Snell, Margarita Soria, and Roberto Soria.

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