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Solidarity Statement + Anti-Racism Action Plan

June 25, 2020

Toronto Dance Theatre stands in solidarity with Black and Indigenous artists, collaborators, staff members, audiences, and members of Black and Indigenous communities.

We are pained and disheartened by the racism, injustice, and violence against these communities, and we must increase our efforts to help break down the systemic oppression that is ingrained in Canada.

Toronto Dance Theatre has been making equity a priority in our organization, and yet we acknowledge there is still more we can do to learn about and be guided by Black and Indigenous perspectives and experiences. Not just inside our theatre and studios, but beyond our walls as well. We are taking this time to ask questions, listen attentively, reflect, read, unlearn, and learn. Dance, as well as many other art forms, has a history of racism and inequity. We will continue to challenge it and take meaningful action. Words matter, but our actions matter more. As an arts organization, this includes not only providing more opportunities for Black and Indigenous artists, but also using our privilege to centre Black and Indigenous voices in all levels of our work more consistently.

Honouring the spirit of sharing resources peacefully and respectfully in this area of the world, as many Indigenous nations did for centuries, involves institutions like Toronto Dance Theatre undertaking ongoing systemic renewal by continuing to learn about and apply decolonization and anti-racism practices throughout the organization. Below is our Phase I action plan toward creating systemic change at Toronto Dance Theatre that includes extensive decolonization and anti-racism education and internal review, as well as a new step towards a redistribution of resources that were gained in a systemically racist arts sector.

Phase I Action Plan

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