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Two performers are doing a duet on an orange and red-lit stage. One of them is near the back, slightly squatting as he watches the other dancer stick her arms straight out from her sides at shoulder height while she stands on one leg and looks down. CM2 (Chantelle Mostacho and Caden MacKinnon) during Short&Sweet: Toronto Edition (2022). Photo by Marlowe Porter.

Quick Takes on Dance @ TIFF

Saturday September 10, 2022
2:30 - 3:15 p.m.
Free event; no tickets are required
Slaight Music Stage (on John St., between King St. W and Wellington St. W), TIFF's Festival Street

TDT is partnering with Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) to bring Quick Takes on Dance to their Festival Street this year.

Watch as dancers try to beat the clock in this performance party that celebrates the wide spectrum of dance happening in Toronto. 10 incredible artists are given the stage and a time limit of 3 minutes – anyone who goes over the time limit will have their performance immediately cut off by a timekeeper. Curated by TDT’s artistic director Andrew Tay, this dance activation will feature one-of-a-kind performances that range from Tap to Contemporary, Street Dance to Flamenco, and more!

Performers include: Bhavajan, CM2 (Chantelle Mostacho and Caden MacKinnon), Cotee Harper, Danah “Maldita” Rosales and Miyoko Anderson, Lia Grainger, Marcus “OG” Paris, MustBeFABY, Raoul “Jiggyman” Wilke, Roberto Soria, and Veronica Simpson.

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