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Short&Sweet: Toronto Edition

June 2022

TDT will produce a live edition of Andrew Tay and Sasha Kleinplatz’s iconic performance party for the first time in Toronto. Taking place in a bar venue, Short&Sweet involves inviting twenty-five artists who are given the freedom to create whatever they want, as long as it is under three minutes in length. A timekeeper is present and if any artist goes over the allotted time frame, they will be cut off immediately. Following all of the exciting performances, Short&Sweet will wrap up with a wild dance party until late!

The goal is to encourage artists to question exactly what can be accomplished within the time constraint, to try something new, and to take risks! The event will showcase a mix of generations, styles and aesthetics from the Toronto dance community and beyond. It is a space where divergent performance forms exist alongside each other without hierarchy, and offers a fun and non-intimidating way for the public to discover new artists and innovative performance ideas. 

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