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Photo of sitting person looking at the camera in yellow sweater and photo of man wearing white face paint and looking into a mirror Left Photo by Kristen-Ines Stambolic. Right Photo by Peter Van Heesen.

RBC Pilot Episodes: Public Sharing with Tyra Temple-Smith and Sylv Myst

Friday December 3 at 4:00 p.m. EST
Free Admission | Registration is Required

Curious about what’s happening during RBC Pilot Episodes and the discoveries that are taking place? Join us either in person or online for public sharings with creators who are in the studio throughout December, including Tyra Temple-Smith and Zac / Sylv Myst who will be giving an inside scoop on their residencies on December 3.

Each artist will be sharing and discussing some of the material they generated during their week with the company, reflecting on their Pilot Episodes journeys and the different ideas they have unearthed in rehearsals. The TDT ensemble and program co-facilitators Tedd Robinson and Andrew Tay will join the conversation, followed by an open discussion with attendees.

RBC Pilot Episodes is a series of one-week residencies in which choreographers or creators have the opportunity to work with TDT’s dancers for the first time. Learn More.

Special thank you to RBC Foundation for supporting this program.

Photo of sitting person looking at the camera in yellow sweater Photo by Kristen-Innes Stambolic

About Tyra Temple-Smith

Tyra Temple-Smith was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She is a multi-disciplinary artist working with sculpture, video, illustration, and dance. In 2018, Temple-Smith graduated from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. In 2019, she participated in the Counter Technique intensive in Montreal. She went on to produce a show titled Fuse alongside peers, Olivia Arcangeli and Sasha Speed; with a commissioned piece by Katherine Semchuk. Temple-Smith also performed in a work titled (In)Sight choreographed by Nina Milanovski in her show What Comes Next in 2019, going on to have an iteration in Milanovski’s video journey How did we get here? that premiered July 31, 2021. She has assisted in the Young Dancers’ Program, as well as assisting teaching classes with WeDance at the National Ballet School of Canada.

Photo of man wearing white face paint and looking into a mirror Photo by Peter Van Heesen

About Zac / Sylv Myst

zac is Sylv Myst.

Sylv Myst is AIRWITCH.
Sylv Myst has been FIREWITCH.
Sylv Myst has also been WATERWITCH.
Sylv Myst in time shall be EARTHWITCH.


circumstances have required Sylv Myst to keep secrets about AIRWITCH.
secrets can be sensed.
this is where the dance begins.

zac as Sylv Myst is practicing dance as an exploration of corporeal witchcraft.
these particular dances are expressions of the mythology of Sylv Myst.
the myths spawned from the tragicomic (& mundane) life experiences of zac.
zac is curious about the mystic potential of timespace and neo-atavistic performance.
all is offered forth with the intent to instigate and venerate Shadow Goddexx energy. 

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