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Woman's face blurred with colors and man wearing black shirt and looking to the side Left photo by Francesca Chudnoff

RBC Pilot Episodes: Public Sharing with Jennifer Laiwint and Bradley Eng

Friday December 10 at 4:00 p.m. EST
Free Admission | Registration is Required

Curious about what’s happening during RBC Pilot Episodes and the discoveries that are taking place? On December 10, join us either in person or online to find out what creators Jennifer Laiwint and Bradley Eng are exploring during their residencies.

Each artist will be sharing and discussing some of the material they generated during their week with the company, reflecting on their Pilot Episodes journeys and the different ideas they have unearthed in rehearsals. The TDT ensemble and program co-facilitators Tedd Robinson and Andrew Tay will join the conversation, followed by an open discussion with attendees.

RBC Pilot Episodes is a series of one-week residencies in which choreographers or creators have the opportunity to work with TDT’s dancers for the first time. Learn More

Special thank you to RBC Foundation for supporting this program.

Woman's face blurred with colors Photo by Francesca Chudnoff

About Jennifer Laiwint

Jennifer Laiwint (she/her) is a Tkaronto based interdisciplinary artist and DJ, also known as Hadara. Her practice is grounded in a collaborative approach with a focus on merging the worlds of contemporary and nightclub dance forms, experimental sound and video art. Jennifer’s current work is guided by a curiosity about what can be heard in the body during transformative states, and how dance can mediate connections between physical rhythms, electronic music and psycho-spiritual practices. She developed work at the Banff Centre and NARS Foundation in New York and has presented in galleries and festivals such as Xpace, the Art Gallery of Mississauga and SummerWorks. In 2020, Jennifer was accepted into the Dancemakers Peer Learning Network and the DOC Breakthrough Program to develop new projects in the fields of dance and documentary film. She recently participated in the TO Community Love-In “Practice Lab” series and presented new video work for Long Winter Television and the plumb gallery. Jennifer is a board member at Pleasure Dome, where she recently curated “Measures of Motion,” a program of experimental dance films. Jennifer is currently an MFA candidate in the department of Film at York University.

Photo of man wearing black shirt and looking to the side

About Bradley Eng

Bradley Eng is an emerging choreographer and interpreter based in Toronto and Montreal. Bradley has worked as an interpreter and trampoline coach for the project R(e)bound choreographed by Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, (Montreal Danse, 2018). He is currently working for Compagnie Virginie Brunelle as an interpreter for her creation, Les Corps Avales.

Bradley is developing a movement methodology called “Break Even”, researching new possibilities of contact dance by deconstructing the foundations of Latin ballroom partnering to enhance communication to allow greater movement capacities for dancers to explore and create choreography. Bradley’s movement is influenced by multiple practices including gymnastics, breakdance, contemporary, martial arts, and Latin ballroom which affects his choreography, interpretations, and teachings.

He continues to search for new movement inspirations to challenge and further his growth as a movement artist. 

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