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Side-by-side portraits of Kelly-Ann Johnson and Victoria Mackenzie Kelly-Ann Johnson (photo by Toronto Edits) and Victoria Mackenzie (photo by Do Phan Hoi)

Pilot Episodes: Open Rehearsal with Kelly-Ann Johnson and Victoria Mackenzie

Friday May 12 at 4:15 - 5:30 p.m. ET
Free gathering | RSVP is required
Winchester Street Theatre, 80 Winchester Street, Toronto ON (VIEW MAP)

Accessibility Info: Unfortunately the Winchester Street Theatre is not currently wheelchair accessible. For full details about the building's physical access, visit https://tdt.org/your-visit/accessibility/

Curious about Pilot Episodes and the creative ideas and questions that spark during these residencies? Folks are invited to join us in the studios to get a glimpse of the artists working and to hear the choreographers Kelly-Ann Johnson and Victoria Mackenzie speak about what they have both been focusing on during their time at TDT.

As this is an informal open rehearsal, finished work will not be presented. These gatherings are great for those who are intrigued by the creative process seen in residencies and the artistic questions that arise, while learning more about each choreographer and their own practices and approaches. There will be an opportunity to join the dialogue and share reflections or questions from what you observed in the rehearsals.

About Pilot Episodes

Six choreographers will have their first experience collaborating with TDT company dancers as well as guest dancers in this third iteration of Pilot Episodes. An immersive residency series at TDT, each creator has one week to experiment in their practices, receive mentorship from Andrew Tay, and take artistic risks in the studio without any pressure of producing a finished work. Learn more


Portrait of Kelly-Ann Johnson Photo by Toronto Edits

Kelly-Ann Johnson

“What colour will you not dye your hair? “is a common question that the young artiste often gets asked. Unapologetically black, gifted and multifaceted, she is the walking definition of living life like there is no box.

At a tender age in her native land sweet Jam Dung (Jamaica) was where her talents were first discovered. She was born with art in her blood. Constantly being around cousins, other family and friends who danced, sang, acted, modelled, played instruments and painted are roots that she will never forget as they have been apart of shaping the young artistic woman she is today. She has entered competitions in musical genres of Soca, Contemporary, Dancehall, Kumina, other African Folk-dance forms.

She furthered her training of being a versatile dancer after moving to Canada in 2011.

Kelly-Ann manages to do all her artistic training while being inspired by three peculiar women who boldly stood on their beliefs and shaped the world, which further pushed Kelly-Ann to give birth to two multifaceted platforms ERN (Esther. Ruth. Naomi) In Motion and Dance With ERN. Her first platform showcases numerous self directed and collaborative modelling/artistic and lifestyle projects with artists from across the globe. Her second platform, Dance With ERN displays how she breaths and holds the heart of rhythm through workshops, performances, collaborations and dance pieces. She has received performance opportunities with artistes, Active member of the TKBA (Toronto kiki ballroom alliance) within the Supreme Kiki House of Christian Siriano, choreographed for artistes such as Baby Cham, directed dance projects, appeared in music videos, worked in productions behind the scenes and on stage with Urbani Toronto as well as model in fashion shows.

She is an eccentric trailblazer who plans to make positive impact and leave her mark on the world while pursuing and achieving through faith her dream career of artistic direction. This is Kelly-Ann Johnson.

Instagram: @erninmotion

Portrait of Victoria Mackenzie Photo by Do Phan Hoi

Victoria Mackenzie

Victoria Mackenzie/VicVersa is a Montréal-based independent dance artist. Her main areas of focus are performance, pedagogy, facilitation, and event co-ordination. Vic has been dancing since early childhood and has since practiced and performed various styles in various arenas. She is an amalgam of classical training, b-girl-ism, and nightclub free form.  She has performed, taught, and battled locally and internationally. She is a member of FRGMNT, a recently formed group of multidisciplinary artists based in Montréal. Her connections with the street dance and club scene are an essential part of her life. Her approach considers musical emphasis, expression of self and catharsis above all else.

Instagram: @vicversavic

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