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Dancers legs on the floor with colourful pink socks

Feeling love

Tuesday February 13th 2024
7:00 PM ET
In person at the Winchester Street Theatre
RSVP is Recommended
Winchester Street Theatre, 80 Winchester Street (VIEW MAP)

Accessibility Info: Unfortunately the Winchester Street Theatre is not currently wheelchair accessible. There are three steps outside of the front entrance, a small platform, and then three more steps to the lobby (a straight hallway that then leads you to the theatre). To access the private gender-neutral restrooms, there are five additional steps at the end of the lobby. The seats in the theatre are on risers with stairs; please contact info@tdt.org if you have any questions regarding accessing our space.

Aisha Sasha John’s first offering as TDT’s Affiliate Artist is the community event Feeling love – February 13th at 7:00 PM at the Winchester Street Theatre.

Feeling love is an hour-long practice using the technologies of the circle and the drum to access and move emotion. The hope is that the constraints of the exercise will meet your own limitations in a kind of freedom – what song does your body have to sing in the service of feeling? Excitement, grief, exaltation, lament, woe, glee, confusion, bliss, numbness, overwhelm – bring it; let it move. Movement facilitates and occasions feeling and vice versa. Expression is its own joy: if we let ourselves feel, we might feel love.

Which in my experience involves some kind of extension of the arms.

This is more of a jam than a workshop. I’ll share the practice and we’ll all do it together.
The circle is there to provide direction and the drum is there to hold you — how you
move is up to your soul. All levels. Free.

Affiliate Artist

Artist Aisha Sasha John in performance piece portrait. Photo Credit: Henry Chan

Aisha Sasha John

Aisha Sasha John is interested in choreographing performances that occasion real love. She’s passionate about the creative potential of surrender, and builds structures through her choreographic work that allow for experiences of entrancement. The expressive possibilities exclusive to Black being-together is her ongoing research interest. John’s duet DIANA ROSS DREAM (Danse-cité) premiered in fall 2022 and was developed during a 2019-2022 Dancemakers choreographic residency. Her first full-length solo work debuted as the aisha of oz at the Whitney Museum in 2017, and in 2018, iterations of the aisha of is were presented at MAI and Toronto’s SummerWorks Festival. From 2015-2017, John choreographed, performed and curated as a member of the collective WIVES, presenting ACTION MOVIE at La Chapelle (2017). With Julia Thomas, John choreographed and performed WE ARE HANGING OUT RIGHT NOW (Videofag and Buddies 2016). John’s video work and text art have been exhibited in galleries (Doris McCarthy, Oakville Galleries) and was commissioned by Art Metropole as Let’s understand what it means to be here (together), a public art residency in which John and collaborators made performances in Union Station’s west wing. A celebrated poet, John is the author of the 2018 Griffin Poetry Prize nominated collection, I have to live. (McClelland & Stewart 2017), THOU (Book*hug 2014), TO STAND AT A PRECIPICE ALONE AND REPEAT WHAT IS WHISPERED (UDP 2021), and is currently at work on her fourth collection, total.

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