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Two film stills are side-by-side within black frames. The left film still features two hands rummaging through brown leaves on grass. The right film still features two hands touching snow and twigs on the ground.

Film still featuring Ilse Gudiño (left) and Sofí Gudiño (right); film edited and coloured by Rita Ushakova.

Portraits by the River

Premiered March 26, 2022

“Portraits by the River” from Ilse and Sofi Gudiño is a digital work commissioned through the TD Bridgemakers Project initiative at Toronto Dance Theatre. This film will remain online for the remainder of the series, until May 2022.

This film is free for the community thanks to the generous support from TD Canada Trust through the TD Ready Commitment program, and the Canada Council for the Arts through the Digital Now Initiative.

About the Work

Portraits by the River is an experimental digital collab in-progress. Ilse and Sofi Gudiño explore nature, belonging, loss, separation, displacement, alienation, rejection, vulnerability, sensuality, and acceptance with La Llorona (The Weeping Woman), an iconic Mexican myth, as their point of departure.

Set in the natural landscapes of Canada and Spain, the two dancers embody and discover La Llorona in their separate environments and create a dialogue of what they uncover. There is a tangible interconnectedness between them even though they are separated geographically.

It is an exploration of dis/placement and presence/absence using La Llorona as metaphor.

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