Yuichiro Inoue and Pulga Muchochoma. Photo by Peter Kelly.

Yuichiro Inoue and Pulga Muchochoma. Photo by Peter Kelly.


TDT encourages the ongoing professional development of dancers, choreographers and others artists from Toronto, across Canada and abroad. We are pleased to offer open professional classes with our company for the drop-in rate of $12 per class (cash preferred). Space is limited. Class times and teachers are subject to change. Ask about company cards - 5 classes for $50! Questions? Email info@tdt.org


During our production season, classes typically take place from Monday to Friday, 10:15 -11:45 a.m. at 80 Winchester Street, either in Studio B or C. *Please note below that there are specific days throughout Fall 2019 where class times change.*

September 9 - 13; All classes 10:15 - 11:45 a.m. in Studio C
Monday September 9 - Johanna Bergfeldt
Tuesday September 10 - Johanna Bergfeldt
Wednesday September 11 - Johanna Bergfeldt
Thursday September 12 - Pat Miner
Friday September 13 - Christopher House

September 16 - 20; All classes 10:15 - 11:15 a.m. in Studio C
Monday September 16 - Christopher House
Tuesday September 17 - Johanna Bergfeldt
Wednesday September 18 - Christopher House
Thursday September 19 - Pat Miner
Friday September 20 - Johanna Bergfeldt

September 23 - 27 ; All classes 10:15 - 11:45 a.m. in Studio B
Monday September 23 - Christine Wright
Tuesday September 24 - Christine Wright
Wednesday September 25 - Susan Sinclair (Alexander Technique -more info coming soon)
Thursday September 26 - Pat Miner
Friday September 27 - Valerie Calam (Tune In to Motor Out)

September 30 - October 4; Classes 10:15 - 11:45 a.m. (unless otherwise noted) in Studio B
Monday September 30 - Peter Jenkins (Feldenkrais® class)
Tuesday October 1 - Alison Stark (Qigong)
Wednesday October 2 - No open class
Thursday October 3 - Pat Miner  11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
Friday October 4 - Bee Pallomina (Open Source Forms class)  11:00 a.m. -12:15 p.m.

October 7 - 11; Classes 10:15 - 11:45 a.m. (unless otherwise noted) in Studio B
Monday October 7 - Christine Wright 10:15 a.m. -12:15 p.m.
Tuesday October 8 - Christine Wright
Wednesday October 9 - Susan Sinclair (Alexander Technique)           
Thursday October 10 - Pat Miner
Friday October 11 - Bee Pallomina (Open Source Forms class)

October 15 - 18; All classes 10:15 - 11:45 a.m. in Studio B
Tuesday October 15 - Peter Jenkins (Feldenkrais® class)
Wednesday October 16 - Susan Sinclair (Alexander Technique)
Thursday October 17 - Pat Miner
Friday October 18 - Bee Pallomina (Open Source Forms class)

October 21 - 25; All classes 10:15 -11:45 a.m. (unless otherwise noted) in Studio B
Monday October 21 - Christine Wright 10:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. at National Ballet School
Tuesday October 22 - Peter Jenkins (Feldenkrais® class)
Wednesday October 23 - Alison Stark (Qigong)
Thursday October 24 - Pat Miner
Friday October 25 - Bee Pallomina (Open Source Forms class)

October 28 - November 1; All classes 10:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. in Studio C
Monday October 28 - Thursday Oct. 31 - Kelly Keenan (Feeling Dancing) $15 per workshop
Friday November 1 - Susan Sinclair (Alexander Technique)

November 4 - 8; All classes 10:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. (unless otherwise noted) in Studio B
Monday November 4 - Peter Jenkins (Feldenkrais® class)
Tuesday November 5 - Christine Wright 10:15 a.m. -12:15 p.m. at National Ballet School
Wednesday November 6 - Susan Sinclair (Alexander Technique)
Thursday November 7 - Pat Miner
Friday November 8 - Christine Wright

There are no open classes from November 11 - 22 as the TDT company has its first production of the season during these weeks! Come see a new work by Ame Henderson, running November 14 - 23 at the Winchester Street Theatre.

Class Descriptions

Tune In to Motor Out

with Valarie Calam

Tune in to Motor out is a centre dance class that explores traditional modern/contemporary techniques through the different levels of the nervous system (somatic, sympathetic, parasympathetic, enteric, and cellular) enhanced by visualizations of nerve plexus pathways, bones, vital organs, skin and fluids. The aim is to dance without adding stress to the mind and body—taking time to tune in to the body before motoring out with physicality. Shifts in energy will become apparent, and there will be great potential to re-direct the energy into specific physical information and embodied movement. Therefore, attention is constantly required in order to watch, listen, feel, and do at the same time in order to follow flow throughout the class. This class will run on Friday September 27.

Feldenkrais® Class (aka Awareness Through Movement®)

with Peter Jenkins, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

Feldenkrais® Class is an approach to somatic education; the lessons offer a series of varied and effective movement structures that enhance one’s neuromuscular organization by stimulating the brain’s plasticity. The brain directs the nervous system and is in charge of movement patterns. Working with variations of a movement pattern reduces muscular tensions; the basic tone of the muscles becomes more uniform, the breathing deepens, and mobility and flexibility are enhanced. Feldenkrais® Class allows the performer to feel centered, relaxed and ready to work with somatic intelligence, alertness and attention to one’s environment. These classes run on September 30, October 15, October 22, and November 4.


with Alison Stark

Discover your Qi and playful healing movements! Qigong is an ancient Chinese self-care healing art that combines gentle movement, breath, meditation & visualization. It is designed to bring awareness to the more subtle energy systems of the body, balance the mind and awaken the spirit.

In taking the time to slow down and synchronize the breath, movement and the mind we can heighten our ability to to feel more, increase purpose and poignancy in the moment with less distraction, even while life is in motion around us.The exercises focus on diaphragmatic breathwork, feeling Qi (hands), self acupressure to heal and flowing movements that bring tangible feeling to the term energy. Qigong can clear stagnation in the body, relax muscles or an overactive mind and relieve pain. This practice is a discipline of self awareness that asks practitioners to utilize their own abilities to tap into one’s healing potential and reclaim the power of inner guidance. These classes run on October 1 and October 23.

Open Source Forms

with Bee Pallomina

Bee Pallomina uses Open Source Forms (OSF) as a framework and a guide towards states of deep listening and connectedness. Founded in 2009 by Stephanie Skura as an ‘open source’ system, OSF combines some of the intrinsic ideas and spirit of Skinner Releasing with the evolving practices of its teachers. Pallomina combines OSF with other somatic practices emphasizing connections in the body, between participants and with the environment. The class guides participants through different states of consciousness in a mainly improvisational setting, using imagery and hands-on partner studies as powerful tools for transformation.These classes run on October 4, 11, 18, and 25.

Bee Pallomina is a dance artist making and performing work for stage, installation, film/video and puppets. She is currently working on creative projects with Amanda Acorn, Danielle Baskerville, David Earle, Robert Kingsbury, Public Recordings and Ame Henderson. Her practice includes movement, care, and the everyday. She is an artist, educator, and mom.

Feeling Dancing workshops with Kelly Keenan

$15 per workshop

Fascinated by how we can sense movement akin to how we sense touch, this workshop explores ways to transfer the tactile experience we get from the floor, touch and each other into dancing through space with memory and imagination. Kelly Keenan will propose different tasks, prompts, metaphors and images to guide, layer and shape our experience of a dance. You can expect to do some somatic exploration of movement ideas, repeated loops of short coordinations, partner-work, short dances and an eclectic playlist of tunes. Kelly is deeply interested in the artful play and pleasure of dancing. These classes will weave from floor to standing and Kelly hopes to leave you glazed with sweat (but not exhausted), smiling and ready for the day! Workshops run from October 28 to October 31.

About Kelly Keenan

Kelly Keenan is a Montreal-based dance artist and teacher. Her fascination of the perceptive capacity of the body is reflected in both her teaching and artistic work. As a performer Kelly has danced for most recently in works by Katie Ward (Compagnie Katie Ward) and Adam Kinner.

Kelly is reputed as a teacher. Her workshops “Feeling Dancing” are foremost concerned with the felt experience of dance. Typically there is a blurry border when participants slip from somatic sensing to dancing dances. Strong influences include the Axis Syllabus, Anatomy Trains, Feldenkrais, Material for the Spine among others. Kelly teaches regularly for pre-professional (Concordia & UQAM) and professional dance institutions offering continued training for professional dancers including Studio 303, le Régroupement Québécoise de la Danse, TransformationDanse, L’Artère (QC), The Toronto Love-In as well as abroad and grass-roots DIY workshops.

Kelly’s choreography creatively grapples with the contradiction that dance, as a kinaesthetic practice, is generally performed for the spectator and accessed through the visual sense. Through hybrid forms, she inquires into ways to enfold the felt experience of dance practice into performance — to make dances that you “feel” rather than “see”. Examples include A Practice (2013), a performance/workshop in collaboration with Adam Kinner; Be Still and Know Me (2017), a performance/lecture; and most recently The Direction of Ease (2018), a performance/massage in collaboration with Jacinte Armstrong, Elise Vanderbourght and Lois Brown. Kelly is currently pursuing an MA in Concordia’s Individualized program at the hinge of Dance Studies, Art Education and Anthropology, to continue exploring this choreographic question.