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Postcard with a collage of objects and materials that reference the Philippines. At the top left corner is a large heading that says

Homecoming - Pag-uwî

Homecoming – Pag-uwî is an online exhibition of millennial diasporic intimacies from creative duo Danah Rosales (Toronto, Ontario) and Justin de Luna (Montreal, Quebec), commissioned as part of TDT’s digital collaborative series, the TD Bridgemakers Project. Appearing as a library of internet content, the project breathes a yearning for a sense of closeness to the Philippines.

Homecoming – Pag-uwî premiered on January 28, 2022 and will remain online for the remainder of the TD Bridgemakers Project, until May 2022

TD Bridgemakers Project is generously supported by TD Canada Trust through the TD Ready Commitment initiative, as well as the Canada Council for the Arts through the Digital Now initiative.

Enter the Exhibit:

About Homecoming – Pag-uwî

This exhibition is a collection of works-in-progress, time-held manifestations of our diasporic questioning that do not contain (our) answers, but exist as freeze-frames into our perpetual quest for clarity and sense-making on the theme of identity and place. With the likeness of being both Filipin*-Canadian, we document and make artistic traces of our investigation, reflection and inquiry as we examine nationality, ethnicity and cultural background. Here, we position ourselves intimately in relation to Philippine materials, traditions, and ideologies as we unpack, try on, focus, query and queer them, denoting places of relatability and variance.

Though this exhibition exists on a digital plane, the processes of these works are anchored in an embodied place. Sometimes the body is centred in the works themselves, other times adjacent. But what is true, is that our experiences as Danah Rosales and Justin de Luna uniquely author the works featured in the rooms before you.

These pieces spotlight and question the many intersections we find ourselves in, as we pass through the blurry, the painful, the complex, and the beautiful. These intersections themselves are their own works-in-progress, some perhaps never reaching a place of coming full circle. What we wish for though, is to feel the potential for change, hoping that these junctions do not remain fixed, but dawn the possibility for transformation as we move forward in time.

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