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Meeting Points: cities and scenes

April 11 - 15 at TDT in Toronto | April 25 - 29 at CCOV in Montreal

Meeting Points: cities and scenes is a project initiated by ​​Hanako Hoshimi-Caines and Nate Yaffe, co-curators at the Centre de Création O Vertigo – CCOV (Montreal), Andrew Tay, artistic director of Toronto Dance Theatre, and Nubian Néné and Raoul Wilke, two independent curators from the street/club dance communities. We are excited to have Purawai Vyas (Toronto), Sam I Am Montolla (Montreal), Marcus ‘Ademi’ Paris (Toronto), and Chéline Lacroix (Montreal) participating in this exchange.

Meeting Points: cities and scenes creates a space for artists from the street / club dance community to collaborate with artists from other dance communities (e.g., Contemporary, Bharatanatyam). All four artists will spend one week in Montreal and one week in Toronto in an all-expenses paid residency where they will work together and exchange practices. During their time in each city, there will be an opportunity to engage with the artists and their practices.

About the Artists

A photo of Purawai Vyas. She is a medium-light skinned woman with a nose ring, long dark hair and dark eyes. She's smiling at the camera. Purawai Vyas. Photo by Zvonko Photography

PURAWAI VYAS is an Indo-Canadian emerging dance artist, with over 15 years of training in Bharatanatyam under her Guru Lata Pada. She has also trained in Limon-based contemporary, Ballet, and Kalarippayattu during her undergraduate career and holds a BFA in Dance from York University. Purawai has had the opportunity to work with various choreographers, including Lata Pada, Atri Nundy, Suma Nair, Nova Bhattacharya and Parshwanath Upadhye. Purawai has also created and presented works in various festivals in the Greater Toronto Area, including CanAsian Dance’s Grit Short Dances Festival, dance:made in canada’s inTO focus, and Nautanki Creation’s Artist Date Series. Of recent, she works with Sampradaya Dance Creations as a company dancer and with Nova Dance on their upcoming production Svaha. Purawai is also passionate about teaching and sharing the art form of Bharatanatyam as dance teacher at Sampradaya Dance Academy. As an independent artist, Purawai is interested in interdisciplinary rhythmic exchange and is currently exploring her foundational practice as a means to create contemporary works.

A photo of Sam I Am Montolla. She is a medium-light skinned person with cherry red curly hair. She's wearing a red hat, round glasses and has purple lipstick. Her hands are in her hair as she stairs at the camera. Sam I Am Montolla. Photo by RFM (Room Full of Mirrors)

SAM I AM MONTOLLA (born Samantha Hinds) started dancing at the tender age of 5 and her love of music has brought her to singing and songwriting. Through dance, she has traveled internationally for Hip Hop and Waacking. Being one of the 1st Canadian Waackers and teachers of the style, she is known as Princess Shayla in the crew The Chapter. Soul, RnB, Hip Hop, and Funk is where she likes to play, not forgetting her Caribbean heritage. She has been on the Palmarès Adisq Radio Campus list and was a featured artist at CMW 2021 for her music. She continues to mentor in the Street Dance Community; she incorporates her knowledge of Sound as a Sound Healer. In 2022, she is featured in Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep’s Sam & Angèle and is choreographer for BTW’s Black and Blue Matters.

A photo of Marcus Paris. He is a dark skinned person earing a denim jacket, jeans and a white tee. He is crouching on a white backdrop. Marcus Paris. Photo by Kadeem Ellis

MARCUS PARIS (He/Him) is a Toronto-bred artist/dancer who involved himself in multiple dance communities such as Hip Hop and Dancehall, but during his teenage years, he discovered Krump. In the 14 years of learning, engaging, and spreading the movement of Krump in the City of Toronto, the Co-Founder of “The Jungle” and “Jungle Bros” which is an all-inclusive platform that uses Krump and creative arts as a means for self-care. Marcus has contributed to creating an inclusive, supportive, and caring community for those within it and who want to learn about it. Marcus hopes to continue to grow and attain the knowledge needed so that he can continue to spread the powerful message of Krump as a self-care practice for youth, teens, and adults.

A photo of Chéline Lacroix. They are light skinned with pale green eyes and dark hair. They are staring directly at the camera. Chéline Lacroix. Photo by Hamza Abouelouafaa

CHÉLINE LACROIX is a contemporary dance artist based in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal. Their practice is inspired by challenging, amplifying and nourishing aspects of identity. Chéline’s studies began at Concordia University in the Contemporary Dance Choreographers program and continued at ​​École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal where they received their Diplôme D’études Collégiales in 2019. Since graduating Chéline has been a part of multiple phases of research and creation with choreographers such as Alexander Morin, Bradley Eng and Isabelle Van Grimde. Chéline has been developing their own choreographic voice and produced their first contemporary dance film titled “May The Best Loser Win” in 2021. Alongside contemporary dance, Chéline is involved in the Ballroom scene, walking both Face and Oldway. In 2021 Chéline joined Toronto’s finest house, the Kiki House of Louboutin. They quickly opened up a chapter in Montreal, where they are now the Mother of the evolving house.

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