Jeanine Durning returns to open Class this November!

We’re excited to welcome back Jeanine Durning, creator of this January’s This Shape, We Are In, for professional Open Class November 19-23. Dancers can pre-register and pay for single classes or a full week pass, as space is limited, by emailing Class is $15 or $75 for the full week - those registering for all 5 days have early access to reserve for January 7-11, 2019.


From Jeanine…

Doing what it takes: purposeful purposelessness of daily practice

The meaning of our effort is not always self-evident. This is a movement research class that accepts that the meaning of our effort is in the exercising of it. This daily movement practice draws on, borrows from and appropriates multiple sources and seemingly disparate forms to approach the nuanced ecologies of who we are and what we can imagine ourselves to be. Release techniques, developmental movement studies, Ideokinesis, Contact, Kundalini, Qigong, shaking, tapping, turning, and serious play are just some of the terrain we'll move through. We will bring all of who we are and what we can possibly bring to bear to be critical movers, radical problem-solvers, creative decision-makers, embodied philosophers, somatic inquirers, psycho-social experimentalists, time travelers, space invaders and perceptual gymnasts. Whether you take class to warm up or wake up, stand up or lie down, to move or be moved, to hone attention or intention, we can come together to question and challenge through practice this form, that's still forming, called dance.

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