Notes on Reimagining Repertore - Symposium Proceedings

On a bright Sunday in January, a panel of 6 dancemakers and performing arts community members gathered with a diverse group of over 50 audience members for a wide-ranging and forward-looking discussion about repertoire.

The event was A Symposium on the Potential of Repertoire in Contemporary Dance Practice, and marked the start of TDT's three-year initiative Reimagining Repertoire, supported by the Metcalf Foundation. 

The 6 panelists included:

  • Peggy Baker, Artistic Director, Peggy Baker Dance Projects;
  • Amy Bowring, Director of Collections and Research, Dance Collection Danse;
  • Brendan Healy, Artistic Director, Magnetic North Theatre;
  • Christopher House, Artistic Director, Toronto Dance Theatre;
  • Brandy Leary, Artistic Director, Anandam Dancetheatre;
  • William Lau, Peking Opera artist, founder, Little Pear Garden.

Respected dance artist Carol Anderson moderated the discussion, and took notes on the proceedings, which you can read on our blog.

Audience and panelists alike lingered over coffee and treats to speak with one another about their own perspectives on repertoire and some of the insights and problems raised. 

TDT is excited about the scope of the conversation, and we're very grateful to have facilitated the start of this important discussion.

We'd love to keep this conversation going. If you have any thoughts or comments about the meaning of repertoire or encounters with repertoire in your own practice, please share them with us! Follow along with the conversation digitally by tweeting at #TDTSymposiumonRepertoire, or by contributing to our Notes on Reimagining Repertoire blog series. Send any contributions via email to, or get in touch with us if you wanted more information about the project.